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Using sophisticated video analysis and AI, Bike Fast Fit EZ and Bike Fast Fit Elite make it easy to do a bike fit in your own home.

Bike Fast Fit EZ & Bike Fast Fit Elite

Video Bike Fitting Apps

Capturing a video clip dynamically records the rider’s position in motion. This provides the best picture of a rider’s actual pedal strokes and body positions.

Measure key riding position angles and distances using video analysis tools. Find the ideal riding position that's both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height and position, handlebar height, and stem length.

Bike Fast Fit EZ

Bike Fast Fit EZ

Uses the latest AI technology for the fastest and easiest bike fit.

Bike Fast Fit Elite

Bike Fast Fit Elite

Designed to support the entire fitting session and offering a sophisticated set of analysis tools.

Bike Fast Fit EZ

Extensive use of AI allows Bike Fast Fit EZ to automate the recording and analysis of your bike fit. Using the latest research and hundreds of professional bike fittings, Bike Fast Fit EZ makes specific recommendations about your saddle height and fore/aft as well as your overall riding position.


Automated Video Capture

Just position the bike in the green area, tap record and pedal until app beeps.


iCloud Sync

Automatically synchronizes across all of your devices through iCloud.


Fitting Report

Generate a report with your measurements and recommendations to share or print.


Automated Video Analysis

The app automatically analyzes the video, locates relevant body positions and measures important angles and distances.


Markerless Tracking

Our latest AI can track your key body points without markers or sensors.



Based on your measurements, our proprietary algorithm makes specific recommendations.

Bike Fast Fit EZ Screenshots

Bike Fast Fit Elite

Bike Fast Fit Elite provides insight into your cycling movement and body position by building a dynamic wire frame model of the rider. The riding position is compared to normal ranges for your riding level and bike type to determine changes to your saddle and stem positions.



Using stickers on body joints, the app builds a body wireframe for every video frame. Use the extensive video analysis tools to examine critical fit measurements and determine problem areas.



Compare the your position to normal ranges for your riding level and bike type.


Bike Fit Report

Generate a comprehensive report with all of the videos, measurements and recommendations from the fitting session.



Explore possible changes to your saddle and stem positions to determine the bike adjustments to make.



Display the path of a body joint through multiple video frames to visually trace its movement.



View a graph of critical measurements, such as Knee Angle, through the entire pedal stroke.

Bike Fast Fit Elite Screenshots

Overall, this app is pretty cool. Mostly because it’s actually useful...

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Feature Comparison

Comparison of the features of Bike Fast Fit EZ versus Bike Fast Fit Elite.

Bike Fast Fit EZ

$4.99/yr (or $0.99/mo)
(7 day free trial)

  • Automated Video Capture
  • Automated Video Analysis
  • Markerless Tracking
  • Key Measurements
  • Saddle Height Recommendation
  • Saddle Fore/Aft Recommendation
  • Riding Position Analysis
  • Bike Fit Report
  • iCloud Device Syncing

Bike Fast Fit Elite


  • Video Capture w/ Aids
  • Video Analysis Tools
  • Body Markers Required
  • Snapshots
  • Bike Fit Report
  • Education
  • Cloud File Sharing
  • Fitting Session
  • Dynamic Wireframe Model
  • Dashboard w/ Normal Ranges
  • Explore Possible Changes
  • Trace Body Joints
  • Graph Measurements